Vietnamese tourists experience crab fishing in Norway

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Vietnamese couple, Do Tuan Viet and Nguyen Quy Quynh Hanh, live and work in Espoo, Finland. The couple and their daughter went to Norway in May last year – where Quynh Hanh’s sister lives, to crab fishing in a coastal city, Aalesund.

It’s the weekend, let’s go crab fishing!

Nearly a month after the introduction by Hanh’s sister to a trip to truly immerse in the lives of locals, enjoying beautiful scenery and exciting experience. During their stay, Viet – Hanh went to crab. It was a “wow” experience – in Hanh’s language. 

Vietnamese tourists experience crab fishing in Norway - Image 1.

The first crab Hanh and Viet caught in the experiment.

The couple left Vietnam 6 years ago, have travelled to about 20 countries around the world and crab fishing in Norway has left them with an unforgettable experience. “The first time we caught a brown crab was about 7-8 grams. It felt like a foreign visitor coming to Vietnam to participate in the life of Vietnamese farmers to plant rice.” – Hanh says.

Aalesund is an important port city at the top of Norway, a picture-perfect city that stretches across islands stretching to the Atlantic Ocean and leaning against the majestic Mount Sunnmøre. 

Vietnamese tourists experience crab fishing in Norway - Image 2.

Hanh and Viet rejoices with their achievement.

Most families in Aalesund have shrimp and crab traps, big or small, and from an early age, a baby is well-trained by their father to place the trap. It’s a place close to the shore, next to the cliffs and with a deep gully, through which there are many sources of food – and there will be a home for the crabs. 

One of the brown crab’s favorite bait is cod, which has been aged until… stinks. Although cod fish are caught and processed very well, we have to accept “sacrifice” to be bait for brown crabs, because crabs like the stench. The local explains.

Vietnamese tourists experience crab fishing in Norway - Image 3.

The result after sailing to the island for Norwegian brown crab trap.

The fact is Norwegian brown crabs never close their eyes and do not actually sleep. During the day, the brown crab looks for a place to hide, dealing with the danger lurking around the cold waters makes it impossible for it to sleep. Viet – Hanh was to be told to trap at night, 6 hours later if you are lucky, you will find a few brown crabs with short legs were tucked the morning after. 

During the experiment, Viet had to throw up to 3 times to bring down the trap. Normally a trap usually weighs 3-4 kg is made like an iron frame cage with a place to place the bait and a way for the crabs to enter.

It seems to the locals they have never missed, the natural genome has stipulated: born and raised in Aalesund – they’ve got in the blood.

15 brown crabs were caught during the trip, Viet – Hanh was very impressed with the result.


Preserving the source of brown crab