Recipes – delicious Norwegian King crab dishes

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While it is possible to enjoy Norwegian King crab at high-end restaurants, chefs from Norway themselves have shared with readers simple recipes for culinary devotees that we can experience and enjoy king crab in the most original way. 

King crab: From a regal look to rich in flavor and nutrients

The Norwegian King Crab – the ruler of crustaceans in the Barents Sea – has a regal appearance. Its pointy shell looks like a pointy crown draped in a lavish crimson gown. One of its claws are bigger than the other, which could be mistaken for a sceptre, but is actually used to crush the red king’s prey.

If you want to taste one of the largest crabs in the world, though, be prepared to pay a king’s ransom. It’s truly a luxurious commodity and is almost exclusively served in high-end restaurants. One of the many reasons for this lies in both the taste and nutrients that king crab provides. 

Recipes - delicious Norwegian King crab dishes - Image 1.

Sauteed Sweet and Sour King Crab. Photo: Norwegian Seafood Council.

The crab is large, with succulent and tasty flesh, that can be enjoyed in both hot and cold dishes. In particular, the meat in the legs, claws and shells of Emperor crabs is delicately sweet and salty. In terms of nutrition, King crab is rich in nutrients, providing protein, vitamins A, Riboflavin and B12, antioxidants, and three minerals iron, selenium and iodine. 

King crab and a great blend with butter 

King crab is the perfect ingredient that can be sautéed, slow-broiled or quick-broiled and then combined with garlic butter or a variety of herbs and spices. Besides, you also would enjoy the original way, boiled or steamed and served with a light salad and a little sour taste from fresh lemon.

While there are many ways to prepare this scrumptious and high-end seafood, both the Norwegian Seafood Council website Seafood from Norway and top chef from Tromsø, Norway, Gunnar Jensen share with reader two recipes to cook King crab with butter so that the rich, fatty flavor and sweet aroma of butter permeate the delicious taste of the crab.

Recipes - delicious Norwegian King crab dishes - Image 2.

Norwegian King crab fishing boat. Photo: Norwegian Seafood Council.

According to the recipe posted on the website of the Norwegian Seafood Council Seafood from Norway website, King crab legs are fried in butter until the crab meat turns golden, seasoned with salt and pepper, and then It is served with a special sauce from chicken broth, ice cream and 3 types of wine.

As Chef Gunnar Jensen shared with Visitnorway website readers, all you need is fresh king crab, melted butter, lemon and some fresh chives. The good way to do it is just split the crab legs lengthwise, melt the butter and mix with the ingredients to drizzle over the crab meat. Just add a little salt and pepper, then bake for about 7-8 minutes at a temperature of 220-250 degrees Celsius, and the King crab is ready. Diners will eat this dish with salad and freshly baked bread.

It can be seen that these are all simple ways to enjoy King crab, easy to cook, yet still retain the nutrients.