Gadus morhua

Atlantic Cod comes from the Northeast Arctic cod stock, the biggest cod stock in the world.

For thousands of years, Norwegian cod gives its unique firm and white flesh and unsurpassed delicious taste. For hundreds of years, our cod producers assure these high qualities.

We supply various kinds of frozen cod products, especially during catching season from January to April.


Raw fish
From 2.5kg to 10kg+

H/G, fillet, Byproducts, Cod
milt, Cod medallion (cheek), Cod tongue, Cod stomach, Cod head, Liver, and Roe.

Dried, Fresh, Frozen

Carton Sizes
10kgs / 20kgs


Norwegian cod is rich in
– Protein

– Vitamin A, D and B12

– Selenium

– Antioxidants

– Omega-3’s

With a fat content typically lower than three percent, Atlantic Cod is an incredibly lean option, pretty much carbohydrate-free and packed full of healthy protein.

You will struggle to find anything healthier to put on your dinner plate.